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Until I figure out how to automatically forward you there, please click the link to visit us at our new site: http://reebokcrossfitnuernberg.com


The Reebok CrossFit Nürnberg Anthem

Come out, come out where ever you are!
Reebok CrossFit Nürnberg invites you to become part of its family.
Member of a privileged tribe of brothers and sisters.
Why do we love to play? Why do we love sport?
Is it because there are few mysteries left in this world;
leaving us fascinated with the unknown more than the known?
Sport helps us understand who we are and where we belong.
It enables us to connect with ourselves and each other in spite of a disconnected world.
In the sport of CrossFit, every finish line is just another starting line in disguise.
Little moments are big, big moments are huge, and all of these moments lift you higher.
You become your biggest fan.
We love sport because at its very heart and soul it is fun.
At RCN we will show you how to make the unachievable achievable.
We will give you the tools to achieve your highest potential.
And we will keep it fun.
We were created to run and jump, to lift and stretch.
RCN will allow you to safely push your bodies and minds to the limits of their ability.
Your entire character will be compressed into a few minutes.
You’ll experience enough emotions to fill a lifetime on our small patch of ground.
At Reebok CrossFit Nürnberg, we make fitness our sport.
We’ll give you inherent challenge and make it a game.
Together we will form a tight band of survivors.
We will win and lose together and will rise to compete again.
Come out, come out where ever you are.
And bring your closest, most valued friends.
But don’t delay.
Membership is limited. A waiting list is inevitable.
Nürnberg, we are coming this year.

– many parts paraphrased from The Reebok CrossFit Anthem video found here.